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The Rossi family goes a long way back in zootechnology. Aldo, the grandfather, founded a factory specialised in the selection and trade of sowing seeds. His son Renato first gained his experience by setting up a firm, producing animal food, which was to become one of the most important in Italy. He is now the chairman of the company and has also created Dorado certain of the importance of top quality food for the health of our pets. Studies on food intolerance brought about a new type of fish-based pet food, very appreciated by vets for the treatment of nutritional pathologies.
Later on, the firm launched Exclusion diet, a line of pet food based on a mono protein and mono carbohydrate formula. Since then, with over twenty years of experience in production and research, the company has created new brands and new foods, to help our pets and improve their quality of life, through specific diets and innovative products, for their well-being. Dorado believes in the importance of directly producing its own food and carefully checks all the production phases: from the selection of raw materials to the study of formulas, from the type of processing of the biscuits to the choice of materials for packaging; everything in order to give its consumers always greater quality guarantees.
Dorado is now a family business, led by the Chairman and founder Renato Rossi, who has passed on the values of good production and fairness in business and relationships, making sure that all employees are part of the same family.

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